Haim Bring Cali To Tokyo, We Mean, New York For 'The Wire' Video

L.A. rockers give MTV News the scoop on their latest single and throw a few sisterly jabs.

Ugh, sisters, right? They always steal your black bustier tops, they always cop your super-straight hairstyle and, when you guys did something really cool together, they always get the story wrong!

Oh, your sis isn't like that? Well, maybe we're just basing our sister stereotypes on retro-rock threesome Haim, who filled in MTV News at Lollapalooza on their new single, "The Wire," and its upcoming music video.

" 'The Wire,' we've shot a video for it, it's out, we were in Tokyo when we released it," Este began before Alana and Danielle had to interrupt.

"No, not the music video!" they said, setting the record straight. Last week, the sisters dropped the single, not the music video, off their Days Are Gone album, out September 30. The song has singing guitars, a low-toned melody and a "Heartache Tonight"-tinged beat. "I wish we filmed our music video in Tokyo," the sisters said longingly, playing off Este's miscommunication.

And after Este made a second geographical slip-up, feisty little sis Alana took over the storytelling.

"It's kind of been a long time coming because this song, we recorded a million times and never got it right, and I feel like, this time, we kinda all felt really good about it," Alana began. "And we were just really excited to put it out. And now that it's out, I'm so relieved.

"It's out, it's here, it's happening," she added with a little Brooklyn accent.

And, despite what Este says, the video has yet to make an appearance, but it is something different for the band, they told us.

"We actually filmed the music video in New York," Este said. "And that was the first time we'd ever done a music video outside of L.A. That was kind of a big thing for us 'cause we're from the west coast. We love the west coast and we love L.A., so to do the video in New York, it was refreshing. It was a nice little departure from what we've done."

Since we caught the ladies in between festival hopping and world touring, we thought we'd get one more snippet from them: What's the video going to be like?

"I can't tell you that, boo boo," Alana joked. "Sorry, MTV. Nice try."