Katy Perry Throws A Funeral In Latest 'Roar' Tease: Watch!

As her gold truck rolls across the U.S., Perry says goodbye to her Teenage Dream days.

As Katy Perry's gold truck continues to make its way across the United States, the pop princess has unleashed yet another teaser for her upcoming single release, "Roar."

Days after Katy confirmed the single's catty title and release date (August 12), the singer has dropped yet another short that proves she's out to put her Teenage Dream days behind her.

After setting her "California Gurls" wig on fire last Friday, the singer has thrown a little funeral for her former era in a teaser released Monday (August 5). In the clip, a priest reads off a funeral prayer as mourners (including two young women in "California Gurls"-esque purple wigs) gather, crying.

On top of the white casket, beside pink flowers, is a memento from Katy's last album: candy cane spinning wheels. As everyone around her seems visibly distraught at the service, Katy is there as well, but feeling something else entirely. The camera pans to her, she removes her sunglasses and gives the camera an "over it" smirk. And much like the mystery of what's inside that gold truck, Perry didn't reveal what's inside that casket either.

Fans are eagerly waiting to learn what's inside that sparkling gold truck. So far, it's made stops in Las Vegas, Missouri, Arizona, California (where it made its debut), Colorado and, most recently, Kansas. No word yet on when she will make the official reveal.

While she might be putting her Teenage Dream days behind her, she certainly isn't against working with the same team who helped craft some of that album's biggest hits. Perry reportedly got creative with Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Bonnie McKee on "Roar." The song is lead single off her October 22 album release Prism.