The Wanted Start The Party With 'We Own The Night': Listen!

The fivesome debuts new anthem but admits Word of Mouth album will be Bieber-less.

If you know anything about The Wanted, then surely you are aware that this is a group that likes to party, which is why it came as no surprise that they titled their new single "We Own the Night."

After they used "The Wanted Life" finale to tease the song, the second single off next month's Word of Mouth release, the boy band unveiled the track in its entirety on Monday (August 5).

The up-tempo song isn't a club-ready track like "Glad You Came," but it's most certainly a party anthem. With its bagpipe sounds and the boys chanting "la la la," the catchy single seems like it was made to be sung along to with a group of friends at a local pub.

"May our hearts be full like our dreams tonight/ May we sing and dance 'til we lose our minds/We are only young if we seize the night/Tonight we own the night," The Wanted sing on the track.

"We love it, it's sort of a sound people expect from The Wanted," Jay McGuiness told Ryan Seacrest. "Just try to make people get out and party but it's also got something really traditional about it, very nostalgic."

Even though they are describing their upcoming album as their best one yet, it looks like it will be missing one thing: Justin Bieber. The Wanted had previously confirmed that their former tourmate would be making an appearance on Word of Mouth, but when asked by Seacrest, they deferred to their manager Scooter Braun.

"No, no, no," Braun coyly answered about the collaboration. "They just did some writing together...that was a let-down."

The Wanted recently wrapped a video shoot for "We Own the Night," which is the follow-up to "Walks Like Rihanna," and judging by the extras' enthusiasm on set, "We Own the Night" might just be their next hit.

"When we shot the video, everyone involved, all the extras, the cast they were all singing along instantly," Max George said after explaining that this song takes them back to what they love to do. "Which made me feel good."