Hip-Hop's Illuminati Obsession Is Out Of Control, Busta Rhymes Declares

'The last thing they're gonna need is some rappers' dialect on a beat to influence anything,' he explains during 'RapFix Live.'

Busta Rhymes has been interested in the dynamics at work behind secret societies for some time now, but even he thinks that hip-hop's fascination with the Illuminati is spiraling out of control. During his visit to "RapFix Live," Busta explained why he addressed the topic on his upcoming album E.L.E. 2, adding that it was surreal to hear Jay Z being questioned about it during a radio interview.

"I've always been intrigued by the concepts, ideas and the possible realities of secret societies, hierarchy governments and people that really pull the strings that you don't see," Busta explained. "That's been a lining in all of my albums, that's why they're called The Coming, When Disaster Strikes, E.L.E., Anarchy, etc."

"When you talk about these things and it stirs conversation that's one thing. But within the last four years, it became mainstream American dialog. When you can listen to Angie Martinez interview Jay Z on Hot 97 and ask if it's true that he's a member of the Illuminati...it's so funny to me to hear that on a radio station of that format, early in the afternoon, being asked to a fellow Brooklynite from Marcy Projects — that has gotten to a level of profound success and accomplishments — if he is an Illuminati member."

Busta, who says he's a "diligent researcher" of the subject, adds that it's important to have the conversation, but that conversation needs to be grounded in reality. "I think the perspectives need to be fined tuned, so that there is proper understanding. If that isn't fixed, I think this will continue to spiral out of control and become stupid," he said. "That agenda is so much bigger than what we could possibly imagine or fathom, just from science alone, the [thought] that they might be able to control the way we think — the last thing they're gonna need is some rappers' dialect on a beat to influence anything."

J. Cole, for one, shares Busta's sentiments, rapping on Born Sinner's "Villuminati." "...Keep on asking me about the Illuminati, is you stupid n----? Young black millionaire, old white billionaires/I'm sure that they can do without me."