Ariana Grande Is Introducing The 'Real' Ariana On Yours Truly

'The Way' singer talks to MTV News about her 'emotional and sentimental' debut album, out September 3.

Ariana Grande has already revealed her pink-hued cover art, and now she's giving fans even more clues as to what they will hear off her September 3 debut album, Yours Truly.

While it looks like it will span a range of emotions — from upbeat, flirty jams like "The Way" and "Baby I" to her sweeping Nathan Sykes-featuring ballad, "Almost is Never Enough," — but Grande said its musical feet will be planted firmly in the '90s.

"Well, first of all, I'm very excited for them to hear the entire album because half of it is that throwback '90s R&B feel, but then [the other half] is something that is very unique and very special that I've sort of written," she explained to MTV News. "And it feels original and very cool. So half of it is a throwback and like very familiar feeling, feel-good, and then half of it is something that I've created that's sort of special and unique and refreshing and wonderful and I love it."

Speaking of the '90s, Grande explained why she is so fascinated with the decade that launched superstars like Mariah Carey, whom she is frequently compared to.

"Well, growing up, I loved listening to like the divas of that era," she explained. "I loved listening to, well, Destiny's Child was my favorite thing about my childhood, like my favorite thing... and Brandy and all these fabulous women that I loved listening to as a child. I guess I just miss that sort of real, fun R&B feel-good music."

When her album drops in September, she hopes that it will allow fans to find out who she is as a person, outside of her small-screen persona of ditzy Cat Valentine (from both "Victorious" and, currently, "Sam & Cat").

"What they can expect is to get to know me, finally... Now they get to know me as Ariana," she said. "I'm very excited for that. It's very personal. It's super personal and it means a lot to me. It's incredibly emotional and sentimental."