Busta Rhymes Recruits Vybz Kartel: Who Else Made The 'Twerk It' Remix?

'Y'all can definitely look forward to hearing one of the most phenomenal remixes for 2013,' Busta teases on 'RapFix Live.'

Busta Rhymes has more tracks to drop from E.L.E. 2 before its release date rolls around, but his latest single "Twerk It" is getting a big remix before that happens. On Wednesday's episode of "RapFix Live," Busta announced the remix with a rare feature from Vybz Kartel, and a few other guests.

The " 'Twerk It (remix)' is officially done, so everybody could look forward to that," Busta revealed. "The remix is gonna feature the incredible Vybz Kartel, Ne-Yo, T.I. Jeremih, French Montana and myself, of course. So y'all can definitely look forward to hearing probably one of the most phenomenal remixes for [all of] 2013."

Earlier in the episode, Busta explained why the original track included the Jamaican dialect, known locally as patois. "I'm a direct descendant of the Jamaican [culture]. I was born in East Flatbush Brooklyn, and my [family is] Jamaican so I was born and raised in the environment of the Jamaican dialect and the patois."

"The reason why I chose to do it was because I love to do things in a way that stands alone and I felt it was important to make a record that felt like it was a different, unique and new approach," he added. "I wanted to use the Jamaican dialect as a style without making a reggae song. So 'Twerk It' it is not a reggae record, it's a hip-hop record but the Jamaican dialect is being used as a style."

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Busta also pointed out that it's something that's shown up in his music over the last decade. "If you study Busta throughout the years you'll see that I've always implemented or incorporated the Jamaican dialect in some fashion or form," he noted. "And with this record I just wanted to make it more prominent style. I know it ain't easy for a lot of artists to do who are not Jamaican artists."