Drake Links Up With 2 Chainz, Big Sean, But It's 'All Me'

On his latest Nothing Was The Same single, Drizzy crowns himself the 'light-skinned Keith Sweat.'

Just in case "5 AM in Toronto" doesn't make the album cut, Drake is reiterating his dominance with 2 Chainz and Big Sean on "All Me," the latest official single from Nothing Was The Same.

Following a snippet of comedian Aziz Ansari in character as Randy, Drake launches into the hook, ("Came up, that's all me/stay true, that's all me/no help, that's all me") and lets 2 Chainz get in a verse before going on to confidently crown himself as the "light-skinned Keith Sweat."

Aubrey then proceeds to explain why he's pretty much untouchable at this point. Hooking up with his old babysitter just for sport, dropping a new album that will already be received like a classic ("my latest sh-- is like a greatest hits"), and generally pointing or that it's not your turn, because he isn't done yet.

"Should I listen to everybody or myself? Cause myself just told myself 'you the motherf----'man, you don't need no help," he raps.

2 Chainz and Big Sean both add their own not-so-humble brags to the track, with Sean namedropping his girlfriend Naya Rivera, spitting, "My new girl is 'Glee' and sh--, probably make more money than me and sh--."

The new single arrives just a few days before Drake is set to kick off his annual OVO Fest in Toronto. The first day of the festival was canceled earlier this week, when headliner Frank Ocean was forced to pull out due to damaged vocal chords.

The show will still go on though, on Monday August 5 with Drake and James Blake as the remaining headliners. Drake's third album Nothing Was The Same is due on September 17.