Why Lindsay Lohan Felt 'Frightened' Filming 'The Canyons'

Screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis opens up to MTV News about Lohan's rumored on-set drama making 'The Canyons.'

After lots of hype, Lindsay Lohan's naughty neo-noir thriller, "The Canyons," is finally here. Since Lohan was cast alongside adult film star, James Deen, last summer, the film has been the subject in many headlines.

And much of the ink spilled about the Paul Schrader-directed flick has been focused on Lohan and her reported ups, and most notable downs. That on-set drama was chronicled in a New York Times article published back in January.

"Yeah, Lindsay had some problems for four or five days, but certainly not for the 23 days of the shoot," screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis told MTV News of Lohan's issues on set. "When it's time to be professional, she's professional. She's been on movie sets her whole life. Yes, there were the four or five days where the New York Times reporter [captured]... all those problems she was having. But, you have to understand again there were 23 days of shooting where she was on time and on schedule."

While Ellis wasn't there for every day of shooting, he did get on-set reports from her co-stars, including Deen and "Awkward" actor Nolan Funk. And by all accounts production wasn't perfect, but it also wasn't a complete debacle.

"I was rarely on set. I was on set a couple of days, all I know is what I heard from James and what I heard from Nolan, occasionally... 'The Canyons' wasn't [difficult]. Most of the time, it was smooth. I think there was tension between Lindsay and James because I think Lindsay, she began to trust James a lot more as they rehearsed and as they shot the film," he explained.

He added, "In the beginning she felt like 'Why am I working with a porn star?' Well, that's moot. Then, I think, she began to get a little frightened that he was stealing her thunder," he said, noting that Schrader and him began to form a bond on set. "But everything I heard from the set, and the few times that I visited it, it was calm and quiet."

In the flick, Lohan plays Hollywood social climber, Tara, who is dating trust funder-turned-Hollywood exec, Christian (Deen), while also trying to manage her feelings for her ex, struggling actor, Ryan (Funk).

Maybe that feeling of being stuck in the middle is something Lohan could relate to while playing Tara. Ellis said, "She was obviously going through something. She brought that to the role [of Tara]. It helped inform the role."

"The Canyons" will be available on demand, on digital download and in select theaters on August 2. The film's release comes just days after Lohan left court-mandated rehab; she spent three months in treatment in connection with a plea deal in a traffic case.