From Nick Jonas To Rihanna: Shirtless Selfies From The Pros

Jonas' viral selfie places him among social media kings Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone and more.

Nick Jonas may never "do this," but on Tuesday he did, and the Internet nearly exploded. The youngest member of the Jonas

Brothers posted a provocative shirtless snap of himself on Instagram noting that the photo served as a "healthy living and fitness update."

And that "update" didn't go without notice. Swooning over his ab-licious photo quickly ensued, including more than 187,000 likes and comments ranging from "Oh dear Lord, help me!" to "Wowza."

Of course, Nick is hardly the only A-lister sharing sexy selfies of himself on Instagram. He just so happens to be the latest star to join the club. MTV News has rounded up some of the best topless celeb photography floating around social media.

Pulling His Weight

Like Nick, Austin Mahone uses a gym session as an excuse to post a shirtless selfie. In one photo, the VMA-nominated teen dream is lifting some weights in what appears to be a dimly lit gym. Why post it? "#picsoritdidnthappen," he wrote. Fair enough.

Knocking Out A Selfie TKO

Speaking of hot guys breaking a sweat, Usher decided to take fans inside one of his boxing sessions, where he posed a snap of himself mid-hook. He warned his followers and potential opponents "Gettin ready!" Blake Shelton better watch his back when he returns to "The Voice."

King Of The (Social Media) World

A quick scroll through Usher's mentee Justin Bieber's official page turns up handfuls of results of the pop star traveling the globe sans-top. In fact, he's so good at it that's he's become the poster boy for how to selfie your way through life.

One Of The Boys

Rihanna has proved that she can do anything the boys can do. Her sometimes grainy and sometimes glossy shots on her Instagram have raised a few eyebrows. But BadGalRiri doesn't seem to mind. She recently shared a very vintage and very hot topless shot of herself from her Rated R days. Your move, boys.