If Ed Sheeran's Marriage Pact Isn't With Taylor Swift, Who Is It?

'I do have one of those pacts,' Sheeran admits to MTV News.

Ed Sheeran has had his fair share of headlines written about his personal life.

From hooking up with Selena Gomez — "Well she's dating Bieber, isn't she?" Sheeran said — to nearly stabbing Taylor Swift with a "Lord of the Rings" prop — "It was just about to impale Taylor" — the "Everything Has Changed" singer is accustomed to seeing his name in the news.

"There's lots of stuff in the press and some of it's very unbelievable and some of it isn't," the VMA nominee said. "Some of it's true and some of it isn't."

Ed recently shot down the rumor where he and Red tourmate Taylor Swift have a fallback marriage pact. In the alleged deal, the pair promised to get married if they were both single by the age of 30.

"I don't know where that comes from, it's usually from a source and it's usually from someone who doesn't know the person," Sheeran explained.

But even though wedding bells might not be in Swift and Sheeran's future, that doesn't mean a similar deal hasn't been made by the redhead. "That story isn't true. I do have one of those pacts with a friend actually — my next door neighbor but it's [for when we're] 40," he admitted.

"We got the pact from 'Friends,' " Sheeran said, referring to an episode where four of the show's characters made similar commitments. "We watched 'Friends' and we were like 'oh that sounds like a good idea' but I don't really want to reproduce with you right now."