Justin Timberlake's 'Take Back The Night' Video: The Big Reveal

Timberlake led fans on an interactive four-hour trip through New York on the way to the video's premiere.

Most of us will probably never get to hop into a vintage car and cruise the streets of New York with Justin Timberlake. But on Tuesday morning (July 30), JT gave his fans a taste of what that would be like with the slow-motion reveal of the street party clip for his latest single, "Take Back the Night."

The stunt to promote the first single from his upcoming The 20/20 Experience — 2 of 2
 album required fans to tweet out a URL to help unlock a series of snapshots embedded with factoids about the "Night" shoot scattered across a map of the city. The digital scavenger hunt opened with shot of JT's classic blue 1970 Chevelle SS embedded with links allowing users to buy the single from iTunes, check out his tour dates and join the Tennessee Kids fan club.

A second photo from his recent Legends of the Summer show at Yankee Stadium
 with Jay Z included a number of fun facts about the image, including details about how some parts of the video were shot during the gig in front of 47,000 New Yorkers. That location also included some fan-shot photos of the show from the audience. By the time the car crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, we learned that the shoot took place on one of the hottest nights of the summer, when the mercury hit 99 degrees with nearly 100 percent humidity. The third stop also paid tribute to the city's Chinatown neighborhood, noting that a corner bodega was turned into a noodle shop for the video.

The next stop was Times Square, where things got even hotter (102 degrees) during a shoot in a club, with a shout out to an extra who is one of JT's co-choreographers. And then, finally, the final shot led to the 11 a.m. ET premiere of the throwback video, which finds JT dancing onstage, in the street and in the club in a clip that pays homage to everyone from Michael and Janet Jackson to Fred Astaire, Lady Gaga and pal Jigga.

In keeping with the retro feel of the entire 20/20 experience, Timberlake sports all black and white everything in the clip, during which he gets dragged into a pop and lock showdown with an adorable kid on the streets of Chinatown, rocks the crowd at Yankee Stadium, and puts on his private dance clinic on Gotham's streets.

The horn-fueled new millennium disco tune lays down the right groove for JT to entertain crowds all across the city, with New York (and Lady Liberty) as his co-stars and inspiration.