Harry Styles' Goofy Vines: Pick Your Favorite!

MTV News picks six silly 1D Vines, so which one is your favorite?

The boys of One Direction have been traveling the world for the better part of the year on their Take Me Home Tour, and they take their Directioners along for the ride through Twitter and Vine — especially Harry Styles.

Styles was Vine obsessed a while back but had recently toned it down, only posting videos on occasion. This past week shows his resurgence, and it seems like he was just perfecting his Vine skills during the hiatus. See for yourself as MTV picks our favorite Harry Vines from this past week.

Creepy Doll

For those of you wondering if One Direction own their namesake action figures, they do. Well, at least Harry does. In one of his most recent Vine posts, Styles takes his own doll, strips it of its clothes (possibly to show off the doll's six-pack abs?) and quickly spins its head around "Exorcist"-style. The video ends with Harry showing off his killer smile as he places his head on top of his doll body.

Bunking Off

Harry gives us a glimpse inside the One Direction tour bus as he decides where he will lay his head for the night. Styles tries out each of the bunk beds and, with a wide smile, pokes his head out from behind the beds' curtains. When the bunk beds fail to win Styles over, he lies on the floor before trying out the closet.

Rock 'n' Roll Warm Up

Ever wonder how One Direction warms up before a big show? By singing opera, of course! Harry captured a shirtless Niall backstage hugging a fellow crew member as they mouth the words to Andrea Bocelli's "Time to Say Goodbye."

Niall on His Way to the X-Games

Don't let the title fool you, Niall is not giving up his singing career to become an action sports athlete. Styles recruits his 1D bandmate to ride a small pink scooter and pretend to jump it over a coffee table. In a series of short edits, Niall slowly makes his way across the table before an impressive dismount and smile to the camera.

Platform Niall in Wee Quarters

Impressed by Niall's scooter skills, Harry ups the challenge in his next Vine video. Mimicking the magical Platform 9 and 3/4 from "Harry Potter," Horan is seen scooting in a bathroom, past the urinals, and miraculously disappearing once he hits the bathroom wall — kind of like the vid Harry took two months ago when Niall hit a brick wall.

Haven't Got My License Yet. Ouch.

Harry couldn't let Niall have all the fun on the scooter, which is why he decides to get behind the wheel in another Vine video. Harry takes off, but isn't looking at what lies ahead. After going only a couple of feet, he crashes head-on into a wall. He's left knocked out and sprawled out on the floor.