Tomorrowland 2013: Great Guns! 'Super' DJs Laidback Luke, Martin Solveig Hit Stage On Day 2

MTV News was in Belgium with Luke and Super Solveig as they donned superhero capes and debuted 'Blow' on the Super You & Me stage.

BOOM, Belgium — One of the most exciting places to be at Tomorrowland on Saturday (July 27) was Laidback Luke's Super You & Me stage. DJs lined up to play there had to follow one key rule: transform into a superhero!

Before their back-to-back sets, MTV News caught up with Laidback Luke and Martin Solveig to get the inside details on everything from those unique costumes to what special surprises they had planned for the show.

"This year I really wanted to push a little bit," Solveig told us of his look. "I picked out my own character, which is a kind of Super Solveig ... with a costume. I've been working very seriously on the video and on the costume."

Though Solveig has a bunch of collaborations in the works, he didn't want to share any names yet. He did, however, open up about his collabo with Luke. "The serious premiere is now, is like in a couple hours [at Tomorrowland]; I'm going to open my set with a track," he teased before his performance. "So no more mystery, no more surprise, you know? It's called 'Blow,' and it has a whole story around it. The story is, 'How do you want me to grow, if you don't let me blow?'

"And then I have a concept for the video, which is ... going to be a bit confusing if I say [it] like this but it includes elephants and antiperspirant, which is very useful at this exact moment," Solveig attempted to explain.

"We are going to fix the whole antiperspirant problem for the world with this track," he added. "Actually, Luke doesn't know about that so don't mention it because I haven't had time to explain exactly my concept. But it's going to be a good one. He's going to love it. When I thought I need to direct a video where Laidback Luke was doing something, I was just imagining him doing this: You know when you spray yourself with antiperspirant? ... I don't know, it felt like the right thing to do."

All that talk of deodorant got us thinking, so we asked, Does Laidback Luke smell good?

"Oh yeah, of course," Solveig said.

We soon met up with Laidback Luke, who was decked out in costume for what he described as the "very prestigious" Super You & Me stage.

"I'm very ready," Luke said. "It's the second Main Stage this year, so I gotta represent, you know? So I'm kinda like a Super Laidback Luke, I'm actually surprised you recognized me with my mask on.

"Oh yeah, we have Super Solveig, as well. Martin always really gets into the whole costume thing," the DJ continued. "I was just sitting next to a bummed-out Tommy Trash who was bummed-out that his luggage didn't arrive. He had this epic costume, as well, so I'm very happy to see the DJs at my stage are really into the dressing-up as well."

Luke also weighed in on the new collaboration, "Blow," telling us, "We actually have been playing a version since Ultra Music Festival. About one and a half weeks ago, Martin contacted me and he said, 'Everything needs to change.' And so I've been busting my ass these last couple of days to try and finish off this new version. And last night at like 1 a.m., I sent it through to him and he had all — he has visuals lined up for it and everything. No pressure — thanks Martin — but we're [here] and we're doing it today."

When we told Laidback Luke that Solveig's first thought when he thinks of him is antiperspirant, he took it in stride.

"Oh, that's nice. When I see him I have to think of elephants or something," Luke laughed. "Martin ... has a mind for videos and we do use a couple of elephants in the song. So yeah, it'll be very fun. I'm very curious to what he's coming up with in the end."