Selena Gomez Plots To Leave You 'Exhausted' With Stars Dance Tour

'I want it to be like a giant rave,' Gomez tells MTV News.

If you plan to see Selena Gomez's Stars Dance World Tour, be prepared: She wants you to be utterly exhausted by the last song.

"The tour is going to be really fun," Gomez told MTV News. "I also want them to be exhausted when they leave my shows, because I want it to be like a giant rave."

[article id="1711196"]Gomez, who is nominated[/article] for Best Pop Video at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, has been busy promoting her new album, [article id="1711287"]Stars Dance[/article], and celebrating her [article id="1711098"]21st birthday[/article]. In between, she has been hard at work, making the vision of her first world tour come to life.

"I never had it be so much like a production for me. I wanted it to feel like a show, so it was always fluid with music, so we're having a really fun time experimenting with different beats and sounds and remixing some of my old songs, so I think they are going to be really excited," Gomez shared. "I think they are going to have a great time, and I think they are going to be surprised too. I've been dancing so much, so I'm stoked it will be good."

When Gomez isn't channeling [article id="1705748"]Britney Spears' moves on tour[/article], you will most likely find her backstage indulging on pickles and ramen, which she revealed are [article id="1707190"]her must-haves[/article], or checking out her opening act, former "X Factor" contestants [article id="1708710"]Emblem3[/article].

"They are great," Gomez said of Emblem3. "Their music is fun, and I want my shows to be fun, and they are all really fun too, so that helps. We are just going to have fun together."

The Stars Dance World Tour kicks off August 14 in Vancouver, British Columbia.