Will Taylor Swift, Harry Styles Romance Be Featured In 'This Is Us'?

One Direction's 3-D movie director says, 'By the time we started filming in January, they had already split up.'

With childhood flashbacks, touching family moments and boy-band bonding, One Direction fans are only a few weeks away from seeing the group as they've never seen them before in their upcoming 3-D movie, "This Is Us."

Yet, there is one thing you won't be seeing during the film, and that is Harry Styles' high-profile, yet short-lived romance with Taylor Swift, known as "Haylor."

"It gets frustrating for them at times, because suddenly stuff gets printed that isn't even true," director Morgan Spurlock says in the September issue of Teen Vogue, which features 1D on its cover. "I saw an article that said, 'Harry Styles demands Taylor Swift be taken out of the movie.' But by the time we started filming in January, they had already split up."

Spurlock's timeline seems to be correct. The brief romance heated up in December 2012 after Styles and Swift were photographed walking through New York's Central Park. Shortly following were trips to tattoo parlors, birthday cupcakes in Europe and their very public New Year's Eve kiss. Yet, the romance came to an abrupt halt just one week later, following what was reportedly a "heated argument" while vacationing in the British Virgin Islands.

Even though there won't be any relationship drama on the big screen, there will still be plenty to satisfy every single Directioner, according to "This Is Us" producer Ben Winston, who says One Direction's real-life story plays out "better than any fictional movie ever could."

"The doc of what's happened to them over the last few years is more exciting than any script writer could ever write or come up with," Winston said. "So, therefore, you've already got a wonderful story that you're able to tell. And Morgan and myself and all of the team have done a job of portraying that really and showing who the boys are, what they've gone through, both the ups and the downs, within that," he said.

"This Is Us" hits theaters August 30.