One Direction's 'This Is Us' Captures 'The Ups, The Downs' Of 1D

Producer Ben Winston opens up to MTV News about how 1D's reality beats out any movie script for the August 30 doc.

In the years since One Direction met three years ago on the "X Factor" in the U.K., they have become world-famous pop superstars, leaving girls swooning all around the world. And that's why "This Is Us" producer, Ben Winston, notes that their real story plays out better than any fictional movie ever could.

"I think that if you were to go into a Hollywood office and say 'I got this idea for a film. Five unknown guys coming from absolutely nowhere and within two or three years there going to be some of the most famous artists on the planet, winning MTV Awards, be hugely successful, having world tours... I think you'd go 'I don't believe that script. That can't be true. It could never happen,' " Winston explained to MTV News about the 3-D movie.

"Therefore the doc of what's happened to them over the last few years is more exciting than any script writer could ever write or come up with," Winston said.

Winston's been along for the ride, having worked with the guys on their 2011 small-screen doc, "One Direction: A Year in the Making," directed their new video for "Best Song Ever" and is now producing the Morgan Spurlock-directed doc/concert film, out August 30. Shooting has completed on the movie and it's currently being edited.

"So, therefore, you've already got a wonderful story that you're able to tell. And Morgan and myself and all of the team have done a job of portraying that really and showing who the boys are, what they've gone through, both the ups and the downs, within that," he said.

"And it shows them off as performers," Winston continued. "We show them in all their glory [onstage], so if you haven't managed to get a ticket for some of their concerts you've got better than a front-row seat in the movie."

Winston notes that the film will also set the record straight about the fivesome, showing that they are still the same five young lads from across the U.K. they were before fame and fortune came calling. "So I think it's a really exciting film," he said. "I hope that people really love it and I hope people really love them off the back of it. They'll always surprise people. I think people must think they must have changed; they really can't be as nice as they are. I can promise you they really are and I think that will come through in 'This Is Us.' "