Amanda Bynes Headed For Conservatorship?

Actress' parents reportedly working on temporary takeover of her financial and personal affairs after 72-hour psychiatric hold.

After watching months of erratic behavior
 that drew concern from friends and fellow stars, Amanda Bynes' parents appear poised to step in and help their daughter get back on track.

Following Bynes' involuntary admission on Monday to a California hospital on a code 5150 72-hour involuntary psychiatric hold
, Lynn and Rick Bynes are reportedly due in court on Friday morning to request that a judge grant a temporary conservatorship. The legal maneuver, similar to what Britney Spears' father enacted
 for the pop singer during a difficult stretch in her life in 2008, would allow the Bynes' to gain control over the 27-year-old actress' financial and personal affairs for 30 days, according to a report from E! News.

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The move to conservatorship comes in light of a strange incident in Thousand Oaks, California, on Monday night when Bynes lit a fire
 on the driveway of one of her parent's neighbors. Bynes was not arrested in the case and is not expected to be charged
. She reportedly set fire to a gas can, as well as her pants during the incident, which also resulted in her small dog getting doused with gasoline.

According to E!, if a judge grants the conservatorship, Bynes' parents will be legally in charge of her estate for as long as the court deems it necessary. Though the initial conservatorship would be for only 30 days, if probable cause is found to renew it, the conservatorship could be extended for a year and renewed on an annual basis.

Per California law, Bynes' parents would need to show the judge evidence that Amanda is unable to care for herself and handle her personal and business affairs. The Los Angeles Times reported that Bynes may be held for an additional two weeks after her initial 72 hour hospitalization if doctors determine that she is still a danger to herself or others.

Spears' father enacted a conservatorship on the singer after a series of odd incidents, including one in which Britney shared her head at a California hair salon and attacked a paparazzo with an umbrella. Five years later, Jamie Spears continues to control Britney's career, finances and aspects of her personal life, after briefly sharing the responsibility with the star's former fiancée, Jason Trawick.