Mac Miller Found Peace While 'Trapped' On 'I Am Who Am' Set

MM tells MTV News about being held captive on his own video shoot.

Sometimes Mac Miller just needs some alone time. Hard to imagine when the Pittsburgh MC could ever get a moment to himself, but he does find some peace in his new music video for "I Am Who Am (Killin' Time)."

"I'm basically secluded and trapped in this room all day and the room with mirrors, you're in a room with only yourself, but there's a bunch of people in the room but it's all yourself," Mac told MTV News on Tuesday of the video he released Monday night. "It's kind of like this fantasy idea and the star room, this peaceful place, a room that looks like something out of an imagination."

In the Rex Arrow-directed clip Mac sits with his legs folded and barefoot in a mirrored room while rapping to the calm and serene beat. "God loves me, what if he does, what does it mean/ You wastin' away to nothin', you frontin', why aren't you chasing your dream," Mac spits.

During the filming, Mac felt as if he was alone. He didn't see a single camera; they were all situated behind two-way mirrors. "When we filmed it they actually locked me, drilled holes and locked me inside of this box that had four mirrors in it. It was crazy," he said. "I couldn't see the camera, which is the idea of this paranoia that someone is kind of watching you. I'm in the room doing the verses and all I can see is reflected images of myself. I can't see the camera; I'm not rapping to the camera."

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Mac enjoyed the video set so much, he is thinking about adding a similar mirrored-room to his sprawling Los Angeles home. "That room was awesome," he said still unsure if he'll ever start construction. "I think I need it and I never do it."