King Krule Is ‘Not Surprised’ Beyonce Likes His Music

Eighteen-year-old Brit singer has big buzz ahead of his debut album -- and support from the likes of Queen Bey and Earl Sweatshirt.

“Immature and naive,” “basic” and “sh–“: That’s how British singer Archy Marshall, a.k.a. King Krule, describes his single “Easy Easy,” a song beloved by Earl Sweatshirt, and the same one Beyoncé officially endorsed on her Beyhive Blog recently.

“That’s why I quite like it,” he told MTV News on Wednesday (July 23) of the early track’s raw production.

It makes sense, though, that King Krule might feel slightly “beyond” “Easy Easy” when it comes to songwriting. He wrote the song in 2007 — back when he was around 12 years old. In fact, the jam is the oldest on Krule’s debut album, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, slated to drop on August 24, which happens to coincide with the singer’s 19th birthday.

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