Beyonce Adjusts Her 'Halo' After Tangling With Fan Onstage

Queen Bey got her hair caught in a fan onstage Monday night, prompting her to rewrite the lyrics to her 2008 hit.

Beyoncé proved why she's the Queen during a Montreal stop on her Mrs. Carter Show world tour Monday night when she gracefully sang through a violent fan encounter.

As she was performing her 2008 hit "Halo," she got a little too close to a wind fan, and her curly locks got caught in the blades. But instead of stopping her performance, the singer pressed on as security guards and crew members stepped in to detangle the superstar from the machine.

Eventually she got unsnarled, and took to Instagram after the show to laugh off the unexpected moment, by re-writing the lyrics to "Halo."

The new version goes, "Gravity can't begin/ To pull me out of this fan again/ I felt my hair was yankin'/ From the fan that's always hatin'." The rewrite of the Ryan Tedder-produced track continued, "Virgin Remy & Malaysian/ Haaaa!/ I got snatched/ 2 snaps/ Goodnight all, B." (Virgin Remy and Malaysian are types of hair.)

It's hardly the first time that Bey has used social media to address tour-related incidents since kicking off the jaunt back in April. That same month, after she postponed a show in Antwerp, Belgium, the singer released a handwritten apology to her BeyHive.

As fans eagerly await news on her highly anticipated new album, Beyoncé's tour will chug along with dates slated right through the end of the year. She will play Boston on Tuesday night (July 23) and hopefully have worked out any and all potential fan snafus before show time.