Kanye West Makes ‘Black Skinhead’ Video Interactive

Official clip, titled 'Blkkk Skkkn Head,' opens with three hooded figures and features an ominous-looking CGI 'Ye.

Kanye West is a noted perfectionist. So although many fans saw his leaked “Black Skinhead” video online a few weeks back, on Monday morning (July 22), Yeezy presented the clip the way he intended it to be seen on KanyeWest.com — and gave it a provocative new title.

Titled “Blkkk Skkkn Head,” the final Nick Knight-directed clip isn’t much different from the leaked version. As soon as fans log on to ’Ye’s website — which has been a hub for all things new during his current Yeezus run — they’ll find an image of three figures wearing black hoods in the style of the Ku Klux Klan. After several seconds, the three masked men open their eyes and the video begins as the screen turns from mostly white to almost all black.

Embedded from www.kanyewest.com.