Dillon Francis Goes Off At 'Guy Code Honors': Watch Now!

Dillon Francis wowed the crowd at the first 'Guy Code Honors,' live from Comic-Con.

MTV2's Guy Code headed to San Diego for Comic-Con last week, and, somehow, in-between all their usual bro-centric hijinks, they also found time to stage an awards show: "Guy Code Honors."

As you can probably gather from the title, said show lauded those who have made tremendous contributions to world of pop culture, TV and comics — great wingmen, bad-ass chicks, greatest superheroes and, uh, Vin Diesel — and even celebrated the lifetime achievements of Bruce Wayne's loyal manservant (and, really, ultimate wingman), Alfred Pennyworth. There were also exclusive sneak peeks at hotly-anticipated flicks like "Kick-Ass 2" and "Riddick," and MTV's breakout hit "Teen Wolf."

"Guy Code" castmates Jon Gabrus, Damien Lemon, Chris Distefano and Jordan Carlos served as hosts for the raucous party, and there were also musical performances, from Danish pop-punkers New Politics — who blasted through "Tonight You're Perfect" and "Harlem" — and DJ/provocateur Dillon Francis, fresh off his headlining set at MTV Clubland's Artist To Watch showcase in NYC.

And if there was an audience custom-built for Francis's tongue-in-cheek electro, it was the Comic-Con crowd. Seems they get clever, and as such, they went wild for his performance, which featured a delightfully over-the-top take on "IDGAFOS" and a spindly version of "Bootleg Fireworks." There were oversized cutouts of his smirking face, a massive pair of maneki-neko flanking the stage, even a customized California flag. It was pretty ridiculous, yes, but also pretty rad.

And as such, we couldn't wait to bring you these two exclusive clips from Francis's "Guy Code Honors" set ... it may not be as good at being at Comic-Con, but, it's basically the next best thing, bro.