One Direction: What's Really The Best Song Ever? Fans Pick!

MTV News asked 1D's most faithful to pick their favorite song from the group so far.

If you're a Directioner, you've heard One Direction's new single, "Best Song Ever," and maybe memorized all the lyrics.

But where does it rank among 1D's discography? Does it top "Kiss You?" or is "Live While Were Young" still your favorite? Is it really their best song ever?

Well, to help you decide before Monday's (July 22) video debut, MTV News asked some of 1D's biggest fans their "Best Song Ever" from One Direction... so far.

"Little Things"

The swoon-worthy, Ed Sheeran-penned balled "Little Things" off the group's Take Me Home album, is clearly a favorite with fans, and with lyrics like "Your hand fits in mine/ Like it's made just for me/ But bear this in mind/ It was meant to be," we can totally understand why.

"It describes everything so perfectly and it makes you feel special and it's great," 1D fan Aaisna Akram said. "I love it."

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"Over Again"

Another heart-wrenching ballad from Take Me Home, "Over Again", which was also written by Sheeran, has the boys pining for the one that got away. "And I can lend you broken parts/that might fit like this/And I will give you all my heart/so we can start it all over again," 1D sing on the track.

"Powerful is what it is," Vladyss Michel said. "It's really emotional song."

Nina Aninipot added, "I think it's different from a lot of pop songs. It's slow and not as catchy as "Kiss You" or "Live While We're Young."

"More Than This"

A mid-tempo pop track off their debut album, Up All Night, "More Than This," a song about trying to win back an ex, clearly made a lasting impression among fans, with many naming the song as their #1.

"My favorite song will forever be "More Than This," one fan said. "I just cry every time. Niall, you always hear his voice, how perfect it gets and how much he's grown as an artist."

What is your favorite song from One Direction? Let us know in the comments below!