'Catching Fire': Inside The Scene That Scared Josh Hutcherson The Most

'I had never died before in a movie!' the star told MTV News at Comic-Con about filming a pivotal scene.

SAN DIEGO — Josh Hutcherson spent most of his time on the "Catching Fire" set either starving, flirting or dying. The craft service table had to be avoided to get into the wetsuit costumes newly revealed in the Quarter Quell character posters. There was the Peeta-Katniss-Gale triangle to contend with, plus a particularly difficult death scene.

But first and foremost, everybody in the cast and crew had to deal with Jennifer Lawrence's Academy Award.

"She made us, everyday, call her 'Jennifer, the Oscar Winning Actress,'" Hutcherson deadpanned at San Diego Comic-Con. "Every morning. The whole crew. I would have probably done the same, though, if I were her. [But] she's not growing up. We're working on it. Everyday is a new challenge."

Hutcherson (who has, at least, won an MTV Movie Award) also noted the jealousy surrounding new cast member Sam Caflin, who joined "The Hunger Games" as, in the words of one teen magazine, the series' "newest post-apocalyptic stud."

"[Jennifer] was jealous that he was flirting with me," Hutcherson quipped. "No, no, it was nice. Sam was awesome. It was really nice to add in some new cast members and we had a good time."

It wasn't all fun and games, of course. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" required a lot from its cast, both physically and mentally. Hutcherson told MTV News about the scene that was hardest for him to wrap his head around. "Honestly the scene I was most concerned about was the scene when I get shocked by the electric force-field," he confessed. "I had never died before in a movie! So I didn't know how to die and then come back to life. So that was scary, but we made it happen."

And, of course, there was that challenge of squeezing into those formfitting costumes on location in Hawaii. "They don't leave much to the imagination at all," Hutcherson said of the new suits, laughing. "All the actors were like, 'We can't eat any food!' No, actually, honestly, we talk like it was bad, but it actually wasn't that bad."

"[The suits] were actually very comfortable in a weird way," he added. "[Even 'though they were] kind of hot."

Perhaps "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" will usher in a spandex suit fad when it's released November 12, 2013.