Jennifer Lawrence On 'Catching Fire': "Can't Wait To See How I Flirt"

The 'Hunger Games' actress wants to see her scenes with Sam Claflin.

With Jennifer Lawrence involved in so many high-profile projects these days, it's not hard to imagine that MTV News' Josh Horowitz would have a difficult time remembering which one she was promoting at San Diego Comic-Con. Thankfully, the Oscar winner cleared that right up.

"This is the one where I hump squirrels," Lawrence said.

Actually, it's the one where she heads back into the arena as Katniss Everdeen. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" made its big arrival to San Diego with a quick round of interviews before taking the stage in the San Diego Convention Center.

As Lawrence prepared to show the audience inside a brand new trailer, which will go online tomorrow (July 21), she recalled what production was like, reuniting with the cast. "It's amazing that we get any work done, zero professionalism," she said.

But they did get work done, and Lawrence credits new director Francis Lawrence for reeling her and Josh Hutcherson in. "Francis is absolutely wonderful. He's a really great guy and incredible to work with and I'm so excited about everything that's he done with the movies," she said. "He also has a really great way of getting Josh and I to behave, kind of like a father, where we don't know that he's getting us to behave until after it's done. He's really sly about it."

Of the memorable scenes on tap for "Catching Fire," Katniss' flirtatious scenes with Sam Claflin's Finnick are near the top of many fan's most-anticipated list, and Lawrence counts herself among those waiting eagerly. "Oh, yes. Me too," she said. "I can't wait to see how I flirt."

Lawrence also spoke highly of her co-stars flirting abilities, even if he was just reading from the script. "He's a good flirter, I guess. I don't know," she said. "It was all written down for us. Isn't that how you met your wife? Somebody came and brought you sides. 'Ok, here's what you're going to say.' "

Beyond "Catching Fire," Lawrence still has two "Mockingjay" movies to film, something she is already prepping for with plans to reread the book. "There's a lot of stuff that we're looking forward to. I'm very excited," she said. "I'm about to read the third book again to refresh, or I just never read it. I'm going to get the audio tapes."