'Walking Dead' Season Four: Find Out What The Cast Has Planned

'It's been a wild experience right out of the gate,' actor Chad Coleman teases of the new 'Walking Dead' season at Comic-Con.

Want to know what "The Walking Dead" has up its sleeve for season four? Actor Chad Coleman can sum it up in two words: "epic" and "gut-wrenching."

Coleman, who joined the series last season as fan-favorite Tyreese, steps up to the plate in season four with a much bigger role than ever before. The actor promised that the new year of zombie-plagued stories is "a wild experience right out of the gate," with "an amazing place" in the narrative for the hammer-wielding Tyreese.

"Everybody was eager and open to inviting Tyreese in," the actor told MTV at Comic-Con. "Every actor wants to raise their game and bring substantive, compelling material, to be a valuable asset in turning things along at an incredible pace — and I'm all in."

Last season on "Walking Dead," the show focused on a war between two feuding factions: Rick Grimes and his companions at the prison, and the gated community of Woodbury, led by the ruthless Governor. Though the Governor lost an eye and his people at the end of season three, he walked away with his life still intact. That means the villain is very much a threat looming large over the new season of "Walking Dead," as actor David Morrissey's appearance at Comic-Con made quite clear.

"The zombies are the threat — there's more of them — but there's a sense with the Governor that you think he might like you," Morrissey told MTV about the dangerous nature of his character. "You let your guard down around him, because you think he's on your side ... and then he'll turn the tables on you. There's only one Governor."

The Governor's whereabouts are unknown, as are his plans for revenge. Fans will want to keep their eyes open for the one-eyed psychopath when "The Walking Dead" returns on October 13.