Demi Lovato Dishes On Bieber Dis: What They Didn't Put In Tabloids

Demi gives MTV News the full story on her alleged 'X Factor' jab.

PHILADELPHIA — Earlier this week, rumors spread that "X Factor" mentor Demi Lovato allegedly took aim at fellow pop star Justin Bieber during an audition stop at USC, saying, "Well, finally someone can sing the song the way it was meant to be sung," after a male contestant sang Bieber's hit "As Long as You Love Me."

But when MTV News recently caught up with Lovato, she gave us the complete story.

"What they didn't put in the tabloids is that I actually turned around 'cause the audience was like, 'Oooh' and I was like 'Actually, guys, you took me the wrong way,' " Lovato said at the Pop-Tarts Crazy Good Summer Concert in Philadelphia. "I actually explained myself right then and there, but they didn't put that on TMZ."

Shortly after the reports surfaced, Lovato, who is nominated for a 2013 VMA for "Best Female Video," was quick to fire back, taking to her Twitter account to defend and clarify her remarks.

"Btw - no shade thrown at Justin. So many people audition with his songs.. Finally someone sang it the way it was meant to be sung.." she tweeted before adding, "Meaning, finally someone sang it the way JUSTIN sang it."

Even though Lovato meant no harm by what was said, she reveals that she will now do her best to make sure that her comments do not get misconstrued.

"It is annoying, but it is what it is," Lovato said. "I have to be more careful with the way that I word things, but I was home schooled so my grammar's not the best."