'Fault In Our Stars' Actors Are BFFs: Our 'Chemistry Was Perfect'

Ansel Elgort says he and Shailene Woodley hit it off while prepping for film.

"Cancer books suck," declares the 16-year-old protagonist of John Green's affecting work "The Fault in Our Stars." But, alas, Hazel Grace Lancaster has never read the tear-jerking novel, which took the literary world by storm in 2012, earning a spot as Time magazine's #1 book of the year.

The story follows cancer patient Hazel Grace as she meets and falls in love with a fellow support group member, Augustus Waters. A big-screen adaptation is currently in the works with two YA-fluent actors already in place: "Divergent" co-stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort (they play siblings in the 2014 dystopian drama).

When Elgort stopped by MTV's Comic-Con live stream to talk all things "Divergent," we couldn't help but wonder if his experience on set with Woodley aided the "TFiOS" audition process.

"I'm sure it helped," Elgort said with a grin. "We were already becoming best friends on this film, and then I tested in L.A. with her for that, and the chemistry was perfect. We're both so excited to do it."

The process of bringing these beloved characters to life will be a heady one — one from all accounts Elgort is ready for.

"We're going to visit some cancer hospitals and talk with kids and patients who've had the same things our characters have had," he said of prepping for the upcoming shoot. "We're going to probably go and meet with John Green in Indiana and see the Funky Bones and the other different places in the book. It's really exciting. The process is going to be great. We're really excited. It's an amazing story. We're privileged to bring it to life."

"The Fault in Our Stars," directed by Josh Boone, will begin production this summer.