One Direction's 'Best Song Ever': Who's Hottest In Disguise?

Zayn and the guys of 1D are playing various Hollywood heavyweights in the 'Best Song Ever' visual, out Monday.

We may never know what song inspired One Direction's new single "Best Song Ever," but we do know that the guys will be playing characters in the video. And we are getting some early glimpses of the fab fivesome's alter egos in the visual, which premieres on Monday.

While it's interesting to see all of the guys rock old-man makeup and bald caps to play various movers and shakers in what appears to be a Hollywood-themed video, Zayn Malik's makeover is perhaps the most surprising. Why? Well, he'll play a woman in the clip.


The true identity of Zayn in drag has yet to be revealed, but his wigged-out appearance was teased in a clip on Friday (July 19), the same day the track got its first radio play.


Niall Horan plays Harvey, a ginger-bearded record exec with a receding hairline. Horan suits up with jacket and tie... and a little extra padding around the gut.


Louis Tomlinson is Johnny, another record exec lacking in the hair department. With a gold chain and furry chest, Johnny looks like quite the charmer.


Harry Styles will play a marketing guru named Marcel. Who else could rock the sweater vest and nerd glasses? With a little less makeup than Niall and Louis, Directioners can still see Harry's signature mug through the disguise.


Liam Payne gets a blond wig and pink headband for his character, Leeroy, a choreographer. And it gets better... there's leg warmers involved.

"Best Song Ever" is the lead single off the guys' third album, reportedly scheduled to drop by the winter holidays. It was also prominently featured in the trailer for their August 30 flick, "This Is Us," which might explain why they are playing various La La Land-influenced characters in the video. Even the Hollywood sign has been changed to read "One Direction" in the video.

And don't worry, in the teasers released ahead of the premiere, the guys have also been featured without the makeup. So, it's kind of like having 10 members for the price of five, right?