'Amazing Spider-Man 2': Inside Dane DeHaan And Jamie Foxx's Bromance

The actor playing Harry Osborn isn't quite ready to talk about the Green Goblin.

SAN DIEGO— "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," one of the big movies taking the stage at Comic-Con this year, will introduce the world to a deep friendship, but it's not the one that fans might be expecting.

It's true that Peter Parker's childhood friend, Harry Osborn, will be returning from boarding school in the sequel due out next year, but it's the bromance between the actor playing Harry, Dane DeHaan, and the actor playing the movie's villain, Jamie Foxx, that we keep hearing about.

During Josh Horowitz's interview with Foxx at the "White House Down" press junket, the actor couldn't help but share his enthusiasm for DeHaan, and he kept sharing again and again. So Josh just had to ask DeHaan what was up.

"He really likes me. We just had a lot of fun together," DeHaan said. "He just took a big liking to me our first day on set together. I'm very flattered, and I think he's amazing too. Watch out for that Jamie Foxx. He's going to go places, and he's going to do things. I have a feeling."

Foxx wasn't the only person DeHaan impressed over the course of making "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." Getting the role of Harry was not easy and involved a lengthy audition process. "It was this long, intense, drawn-out process where at three different points I was convinced it was all over and it wasn't happening," he said. "They just kept popping back up and popping back up. Ultimately, it ends with a big test, which is pretty nerve-racking. You know you're in this big competition essentially, but you try not to think about that because you just want to think about the acting."

With DeHaan locked in as Harry Osborn for the foreseeable future, fans are eager to know whether they'll see him as the Green Goblin, a villainous mantle the character takes on, but the actor isn't saying a word. "I don't know what I think about the Goblin as a villain," he said. "He is a villain, and he exists in the Spider-Man universe. He's a good villain, I guess."

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