'Divergent' Trailer Unleashed On Comic-Con: Here's What We Saw

Shailene Woodley jumps, crowd surfs and meets Four in brand-new trailer.


Shailene Woodley does a lot of jumping in the first trailer for "Divergent" — jumping onto a moving train, jumping off of a moving train, hurtling herself off a seven-story building. The very first footage from the film premiered to eager fans at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday (July 18), giving the cavernous Hall H glimpses of Beatrice Prior's transition from a quiet, selfless teenager to daredevil heroine in a future Chicago where society is divided into groups based on personality traits.

Much like the trailers for another dystopian YA novel adaptation, "The Hunger Games," the footage focuses on the beginning of Tris' journey as she and her fellow initiates catch the train to their new home. As any book fan knows, it's not a typical train trip — the train doesn't actually stop.

The clip shows a plain-looking Beatrice, clad in multiple shades of grey (not sure how many, didn't have time to count), as she volunteers to be the first to blindly jump off of a large building and enter her new home. It isn't until she lands on the net at the bottom (surprise! not dead!) that she meets her sexy new mentor/love interest, Four (Theo James).

We see Tris and the gang begin their training, learning how to fight and do other assorted tough-guy things. Despite the fact that we didn't actually see much of Tris and Four interacting, their chemistry was evident. Tris and Four's relationship begins much like many other great love stories, with Four yanking her off a safety net, adjusting her form while fighting and throwing knives at her face.

There are brief clips of some of the film's other action — the initiates crowd-surfing in the Dauntless mess hall, the needle injecting Tris in the neck before her test, climbing up the ferris wheel (this was very, very brief), and Kate Winslet's face (no clue what scene it came from, but she seems quite intimidating). But it's the little shots of Tris that give us the best insight into her experience: laughing delightedly as she lands on the net, beaming as she enters the Dauntless mess hall.

Since the footage was a SDCC exclusive, it's unclear when the trailer will make it to the Internet.