Why Did 'Divergent' Star Theo James Ditch Brit Accent For Entire Shoot?

The cast and creators stopped by MTV's livestream just two days after finishing filming.

SAN DIEGO — Aside from a few stills and MTV News' own visit, only a handful of people have seen anything from the set of "Divergent," but that's all going to change today in Hall H when the cast, just 48 hours after finishing principal photography, takes the stage.

When MTV News' Josh Horowitz sat down with stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James, author Veronica Roth, and director Neil Burger, he noticed something about one member of the group that was different during his visit to the set.

James, who plays the fierce Four in "Divergent," was speaking with his normal English accent on the Comic-Con livestream, different from the American one he used on set while talking to Josh. He explained that using the accent all of the time made acting with it easier.

"For me, I think I find it easier to just be in the space all the time, so it becomes second nature because if I'm switching back and forth suddenly you're going to get a weird Cockney Four," James said. "Because I'm obviously a Cockney. I hope [Shailene] thinks I'm a Cockney."

Burger joked that James' dedication to the character went even further than his voice. "He stayed dressed in his costume the whole time, 14 weeks," he said.

The group was admittedly a "little loopy" from having to jump into the promotion machine of Comic-Con just two days after finishing filming. James jokes that he has had a hard time letting go of his character's more dystopian tendencies. "I just killed someone outside actually," he said. "I didn't mean to. He asked me where the toilet was, and I just smashed his throat."