'Degrassi' Fans Get Ready: A 'Huge, Huge Shocker' On The Way!

Stars Luke Bilyk and Munro Chambers speak to MTV News about the new season, which takes place during summer break.

It's not only summer break for real-life students, it's also vacation time for the pupils of "Degrassi." And this season, the series is trying something new as fans of the long-running teen soap will head off to all parts of the globe with the show's characters.

The new season kicked off last week, giving an early taste of all the ups and downs the crew will be going through during the steamy summer months. Everyone's leaving to various places, like Paris and New York City, as well as more rustic spots like summer camp.

Stars Luke Bilyk and Munro Chambers recently stopped by MTV News to chat about the show's fresh format. "I think it's something new for 'Degrassi' because we've never really seen this before," Chambers said. "We've done university before, around season eight, but 'Degrassi' [has] never seen what's happened in the summer, except like a special. So I think it's something exciting for the fans to see in the first seven or eight episodes."

Bilyk added, "It's not like a special like what you said. Sometimes you have like a spring-break special or 'Degrassi' goes to Manhattan or Hollywood, just following a certain amount of four or five characters going on a trip. This is actually summer — they get to go on a trip, and you get to see the whole school experience before they even come back to Degrassi."

With so much guaranteed to happen as the season unfolds, Bilyk admitted that there's bound to be some signature "Degrassi" drama and plot twists that will certainly keep fans on their toes right to the end.

"It's definitely interesting to see how our characters act outside of school with their friends. These next couple episodes are definitely going to be a lot," Bilyk teased. "There's a huge, huge shocker in these next couple episodes."

"Degrassi" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on TeenNick.