Earl Sweatshirt Hopes Doris Will Take Focus Off His Private Life

'I want it to be out so there can be music conversation, as opposed to life conversation,' Earl tells MTV News.

Earl Sweatshirt will finally drop his debut album, Doris, on August 20, and when that date rolls around, the Odd Future rapper would like fans and critics to finally stop blabbing about his personal life and instead focus on the music.

"I just want it to be out so there can be conversation about sh-- other [than my life]," Earl told MTV News. "So there can be music conversation as opposed to life conversation, which has been going since I've been home."

The 19-year-old is referring to the time he spent at the Samoan boarding school Coral Reef Academy a couple years back, which became public knowledge when Complex published an investigative report pinpointing his location, to the dismay of his family and even his "big brother" Tyler, the Creator, who publicly lashed out at the outlet at the time.

"Most of the sh-- that I get, and that I've gotten in my entire career, has been based on sh-- that's going on in my life and not music stuff," he added. "So when the album comes out, it'll give everyone 15 songs to talk about."

Earl most recently addressed the media fiasco on "Chum," rapping, "I know you're happy now/ Craven and these Complex f--- n---as done track me down/ Just to be the guys that did it, like I like attention/ ... Supposed to be grateful, right/ Like thanks so much, you made my life/ Harder and the ties between my mama are strained and tightened."

The topic will certainly be broached in some capacity on other tracks as well. "It's addressed on certain songs, but there's no whole songs about it or anything," he said, adding that the album wouldn't be light fare. "It has an overall darker tone to it, because even though 'Whoa' was silly, it still wasn't a traditionally happy-ass song."

To complete the album, Earl linked up with a variety of producers including RZA, Alchemist and Pharrell, but he got the most direction from the Chicago-based production duo Christian Rich. "Christian Rich — I probably did the bulk of the album with them initially, and they showed me the ropes for making beats," he noted.

Earl shared the release date and official track list — sans features — for Doris via Twitter this month, revealing oddball titles like "Sasquatch" and "Molasses," which he has no concrete definition for. "Whatever I think the song sounds like is what I'll name it," he said of the strange titles, which even Pharrell finds amusing. "It's a feeling thing, it's not logical at all."