Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne, Comic Book Author, 'Not Very Interested In Comics'

Coyne's NSFW comic book hits Comic-Con, plus the Flaming Lips work on a new movie.

This year's San Diego Comic-Con may be crawling with all kinds of creatures and freaks — including Godzilla, Wolverine and all manner of YA-spun monsters — but the freakiest of the bunch is undoubtedly Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, should he decide to make it to San Diego to support his first comic book, "The Sun Is Sick."

When MTV News spoke with Coyne about his upcoming comic book — set to go on sale at Comic-Con Thursday (July 18) and on the band's website on July 22 — he was still undecided about whether or not he would attend the event.

"I should go and see what it's all about," Coyne said. "It's just not really my trip. I'm not very interested in comics, per say."

Despite his lack of interest, however, Coyne did make a comic book — a 40-page-long strange trip set in the "Virgo 2151 Eruption Galaxy" where two maintenance workers battle against the grim reaper to save the sun. The comic also features a blind princess who gives birth to a giant eyeball and is very, very NSFW. What else would you expect from the band that released a 24-hour song inside a human skull?

Coyne said that he never really intended to make a comic book. The work was born during long interviews that saw the musician doodling for hours at a time.

"While I'm doing an interview — exactly what I'm doing with you — I would have pencil and paper sometimes and I would start a doodle and it would turn into a character and some action," Coyne said. "I would spend a couple of days after that drawing other things connected to it."

When asked why most of these drawings turned out to be, well, kind of dirty, Coyne replied, "I would just draw whatever. I would just draw some woman peeing in another woman's mouth. It doesn't mean that I think about that all the time. ... I don't have any defense for it. It's just absurd and sick and funny."

Coyne said that he will continue to draw and create art after the release of the comic book, specifically another Flaming Lips movie, a kind of follow-up to 2008's "Christmas on Mars."

"There's a young couple that randomly meets," Coyne said of the plot. "There are strange circumstances at a Lips show and [they] decide to follow the Flaming Lips." Coyne said the band plans to start filming in August.

As for new tunes following their recently released 13th studio album, The Terror, Coyne said, "We're always kind of making music. So yeah. I wouldn't think anything too quick. Maybe a year from now."

In the meantime, you can pick up "The Sun Is Sick" at the Warner Bros Records/ War Machine booth #4435 at Comic-Con in San Diego.