Emma Roberts Arrested, Released For Domestic Violence

Reports say the actress bloodied the nose of boyfriend Evan Peters.

Actress Emma Roberts has come into trouble with the law, but apparently, her troubles didn't last very long.

Earlier this month, Roberts, 22, was arrested in Montreal, Quebec, on domestic violence charges, TMZ reports.

Montreal police officials confirmed details of the incident to MTV News but could not verify the identity of those involved in the July 7 report, saying only: "your sources are probably pretty good."

Police told MTV News that two officers were dispatched to the hotel at 2 p.m., where they arrested a woman on the spot. Reports say that the victim of the violence was boyfriend and "American Horror Story" actor Evan Peters, 26, who was found with a bloodied nose.

Police say they planned on taking the case to court, but the victim did not want to press charges, so she was released.

Roberts and Peters both star in "Adult World," a film about a poet trying to make her way in the real world after graduating from college, out this later this year.