Ed Sheeran's New Album Won't Feature Taylor Swift, Will Make You Cry

Sheeran reveals he's had 'no talks' with Swift about writing songs for his new album.

Ed Sheeran has previously said that his new album would feature "death metal" and a strong dose of Durst.

Yes, asking him for album updates has always resulted in, uh, interesting answers, so now that the record is nearing completion, we posed the question to him one more time. So, Ed, what should fans be getting ready for?

"Fans can expect songs. Good songs," Sheeran deadpanned. "Though I'm not 100-percent through with the production yet, I keep changing my mind about the songs."

So there you have it: Ed Sheeran's new album will feature songs. Good ones. Unless he changes his mind about them, that is. Sheeran added that the album is "finished," and joked that "I should be putting it out soon, [but] I keep adding songs to it." So, really, it seems like there's still a fair amount of uncertainty surrounding the follow-up to his + album ... though Ed is adamant about one thing: It most certainly won't feature any new collaborations with Taylor Swift.

"There's been no talks with Taylor about writing tunes, because when we both have time off, we just want to have time off," he said. "And she's got a beautiful new house, which is always fun to hang out in. I don't want to pick up a guitar and be like 'Hey, let's write another hit song!' I just want to chill; she's got a pool table, I quite like that."

And though he's been working with several hip-hop producers on the new album, Sheeran also said that his new music probably won't be featured in the clubs any time soon. After all, that's never really been his style.

"I don't think anyone wants to dance to the sort of words I have to sing," he said. "They just want to cry and eat ice cream."