In Spenzo We Trust Trades Chicago Violence For Hip-Hop

'I see it, they see it, I'm just putting it in music,' the 18-year old tells Mixtape Daily of the violence he sees in Englewood.

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Headliner: Spenzo

Representing: Chicago, Illinois

Mixtape: In Spenzo We Trust

Real Spit: Don't let Spenzo's age fool you, the 18-year-old spitter may be young, but there's nothing kiddie about his raps. On Monday (July 15), the teen released his debut mixtape, In Spenzo We Trust, and it's reflective of the world around him.

"I'm just tellin' 'em my story, so it's gonna get picked up by the people that see what I see," Spenz told Mixtape Daily about his latest project. "They see the violence, they're growing up around it or they're being in the hood. They see everything I see."

On Sunday, a day before the tape was released, Spenzo's name began to trend on Twitter, a testament to his popularity. "At the Moment" is an appropriate ode to his newfound fame, as is the Sonny Digital-produced "Different Now." On the opening track, "Englewood," Spenz paints a picture of his former life in the hood. "They tryna trap up in the rap, how is that/ Dumb mother----er you still up in the trap," he spits in his unique drawl.

With "Clearly Now," the young MC shows a different side, telling the story of his absentee dad. "1995 I became a bastard/ My pappy, who knows I give a f---? Who knows I give a f---/ I turned 15 and met the one who had, but I was just too old to give a f---, too old to give a f---," he raps before giving props to his step-dad.

It's not all serious however. The Young Chop-produced "Wife Er" is a fun auto-tuned track and "Anytime" is repetitive, catchy and primed for radio. Without trying too hard, Spenzo is simply taking the world around him and wrapping it with hard lyrics and catchy melodies, giving his generation something they can relate to.

"I see it, they see it, I'm just putting it in music," he said.

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