Kim Kardashian's Paparazzi-Proof Delivery? Kris Jenner Shares The 'Elaborate Plan'

Jenner chatted all about North West during the premiere of her talk show on Monday (July 15).

For anyone wondering how Kim Kardashian paparazzi-proofed her trip to the hospital to deliver North West last month, her mom, Kris Jenner, spilled all the details on the premiere episode of her talk show, "Kris," on Monday (July 15).

While Kim wanted to make that Father's Day weekend special for beau/ the baby's daddy Kanye West, it ended up being even more special than originally planned. Their daughter was born five weeks ahead of schedule, so the whole family was caught a bit off-guard when Kim e-mailed that the baby was coming.

"Well, the backstory is, for Father's Day, she had been planning this big thing for Kanye, and Kanye's obsessed with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac from Apple. And Kim wanted to get a piece of memorabilia that they could have autographed," Jenner recalled, noting that Kim called in a favor from Wozniac for the signed set of computer mouses Yeezy eventually received on Father's Day.

But something else was coming that weekend. "She says, 'I have to have the baby today, emergency, get here fast.' She tells me it's a medical emergency; she's got to get to the hospital," Jenner shared, noting that she then headed to Kim's house, where the paparazzi were camped out front. "I get inside, get Kim. We're packing her bags, getting her into the truck. There was a whole elaborate plan in place for when Kim gave birth. We had security and the right room and the perfect car and the decoy car."

With the unexpected early delivery, they had to get that plan into action way ahead of schedule, including shrouding the reality starlet under covers and calling in some last-minute backup from pals to get some additional cars to help out. She added, "We go to the hotel [where we're going to get to the decoy car] and the whole way down she's under the blankets [e-mailing]. She goes, 'Steve Wozniac keeps e-mailing me. He's here and I don't know what to do.' "

Well, as it turns out, Wozniak was staying at the same hotel Kim planned to switch cars at. Eventually, Kim and crew made it to the hospital, even after she snuck out of the car to chat with the tech entrepreneur. "[We] ended up in a room and then we had a baby. On Father's Day, which was two days later, guess who was in the room when I got to the hospital? Steve Wozniac," Jenner added.

Kim has since kept a low profile. Jenner noted it's not because she's banned her from leaving the house. "Absolutely ridiculous, haven't even chatted about that so no, not happening," she said. "She can go out anytime she wants. I promise. She's not locked in a closet. No! It's so silly!"

In addition to shutting down that rumor, Kris also debunked a rumor that Kimye plan to eventually wed in Egypt. Perhaps the most shocking moment of the episode was when Kris walked out with a baby in her arms, much to the surprise of the audience. As it turns out, the baby was not North but instead belonged to someone on her glam squad. She confirmed that Kim would formally introduce the 1-month-old when she's ready.