The Wanted Celebrate The Party Life On 'We Own The Night'

U.K. fivesome preview their upcoming single during the season finale of 'The Wanted Life.'

Justin Timberlake may want you to Take Back the Night, but The Wanted really want you to own it. On the season finale of their E! reality show, "The Wanted Life," the cheeky fivesome dropped a teaser for their next single, "We Own the Night."

The track is an upbeat ditty that encapsulates the party boy reputation the group has acquired since rising up the boy band ranks. On one verse, the guys trade lines, singing, "When my time is over/ Lying in my grave/ Written on my tombstone, I want it to say/ This man was a legend/ A legend of his time/ When he was at a party/ The party never died."

During the chorus, the guys invite everyone to their party. "May your hearts be full like our drinks tonight/ May we sing and dance 'til we lose our minds/ We are only young if we seize the night/ Tonight we own the night."

Shortly after the song teaser premiered, Max George tweeted, "#WeOwnTheNight I think, is my favourite song we've ever done!:)))"

MTV News spoke to the band's manager, Scooter Braun, earlier this month about the track, the next single off the band's 2013 album release. Braun explained why it was the perfect follow-up to "Walks Like Rihanna."

"I love [it]. It is an anthem. It is an anthem for anyone who ever had a drink and a good time. It's a perfect Wanted song, but it's like ... it's them. It's a little British to it," Braun said of the track, slated for release by early August. "It's a little bit of everybody at the bar will be singing this at the top of their lungs. And it's just a really great, great record. I play it around the office and people just go, 'What is that?' And they love it. When the boys finished it, we all listened to it and they said, 'This is the record we've been looking for — because this is us.' "