'True Blood' Star Deborah Ann Woll's Postcard From Vamp Camp

Actress talks about her character's new digs and whether Jason Stackhouse could be her soul mate.

Things went from bloody bad to wretchedly worse for Jessica Hamby during Sunday's "True Blood" episode, "F--- the Pain Away."

After accidentally eating the majority of Sheriff Bellefleur's faerie daughters during last week's "At Last," Jessica found herself in Governor Burrell's "vamp camp," along with many other beloved Bon Temps bloodsuckers. And, as her real-life alter ego, actress Deborah Ann Woll, told MTV News, her character is feeling — deeply — the pain and regret of her recent actions.

"Jessica is depressed, really, I think," Woll said. "She has a lot to grapple with, and I think Jessica probably feels like she deserves to be there. Of anyone, she brought this on herself. I think it's going to be a real struggle for her. We'll have to see if anyone's able to break her out of it."

To be fair, it's not entirely true that Jessica brought this all on herself, as it was the recently returned Sarah Newlin who called the LAVTF to apprehend the vampire after she turned up on Jason's doorstep (and after Sarah tried to help Jason find God through sex, of course). Despite all they've been through, Jason was the one Jessica turned to in her time of need, and though she's a bit preoccupied at the moment with being interned and all, Woll said she could see a romantic future for Jessica and Jason.

"I think that Jessica cares deeply about Jason, and I think they're a really good match, actually. They both struggle with this impulse thing and sort of giving into their deeper, darker desires, so I think they understand each other in a way that maybe their other relationships haven't," Woll explained. "Definitely, it's a little on hold. He's just found out that his parents were killed by vampires, and she's just done sort of the worst thing we've ever done on this show in some regard. They're going to have to take some time, I think."