Demi Lovato's Formula For Her 'Pretty Epic' Supergroup Revealed!

Singer thinks a team-up with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift would be 'epic,' and we agree.

Demi Lovato doesn't really need any help from her friends when it comes to her bustling music career, but she knows exactly who she'd call on if she did want to put together a girl-power supergroup.

"It would never happen, but I'd form a group featuring me, Miley [Cyrus], Selena [Gomez] and Taylor [Swift]," she told The Guardian. "That would be pretty epic."

That idea sounds rather intriguing to us here at MTV News, even if it may fall into the realm of the impossible. However, we'd pay a pretty penny to see that fierce foursome team up and take on the world together. So, we decided to indulge in the fantasy and imagine just what it might be like if they did all get together.

Shut Down Twitter

All four ladies have very varied Twitter philosophies, so should they combine their respective feeds into one account, the entire Internet just might melt in the best possible way. Between Swift's love of tweets about cats, Miley's frank confessions, Selena's candid behind-the-scenes moments and Demi's inspiring messages, we would be constantly refreshing the feed to read what's next.

Girls Run The World (Tour)

We'd imagine that every bit of ink shed about this prospective jaunt would include the word "spectacle." The over-the-top costumes, catchy tunes and bang-for-your-buck staging would amount to a non-stop feast for the eyes. And, we just hope someone is taking Vines and Instagrams of every one of their backstage hangout sessions, which we assume would be like attending the best sleepover of all time.


These ladies have amassed some jams over the years, so could you imagine if they mashed up some of their choice cuts? What if Selena and Miley busted out "Come & Get It (The '7 Things' Remix)" or Demi and Swift went for a "Give Your Heart ... Trouble" combo? And don't even get us started on what would happen when Demi and Miley got all patriotic with "Made in the USA"/"Party in the U.S.A."

Paging The Fashion Police!

A closet filled with clothes pooled together by these four seems like a fashionista's dream — glamorous party dresses, turnt-up party clothes, boho chic garments and shimmering couture. And that's just what'd they'd rock on the tour bus.