Robin Thicke Goes Hard On 'Take It Easy On Me'

Thicke's lastest track delivers the message of 'Blurred Lines' over a more club-ready beat courtesy of Timbaland.

On "Blurred Lines," the sticky, stylish track that's shown no signs of loosening its grip on the summer-anthem crown, Robin Thicke sweetens his dirty desires with a jubilant beat and an equally smile-inducing video. While the R&B star has a similar message on his brand-new track, "Take It Easy On Me," this time, he's removing the sugar and getting straight to the point.

While "Blurred Lines" is a track to dance in your socks to, the Timbaland-produced "Take It Easy On Me" demands stilettos. And Tim's synth-heavy fingerprints can be seen all over the club-ready track, which finds Thicke using his smooth R&B voice in a slightly more aggressive manner, all making his intentions that much more clear.

"I'll rip through all your fancy clothes/ I want to shop for your underwear/ I wanna do it all so close/ Baby, I can make it worth your while," Thicke sings. "When I look right through your dress, I want your cherry pie."

Just in case that didn't quite get through, Timbaland joins in on Thicke's pleas: "Do it, do it/ Hypnotize me," he repeats. "Do it, do it take it easy on me."

As if the Justin Timberlake vs. Robin Thicke feud fire weren't blazing strong enough — just take a look at all the comparisons between the "Blurred Lines" video and JT's equally naked "Tunnel Vision" clip — "Take It Easy On Me" perhaps throws in yet another log. While they are by no means identical, it's all very reminiscent of JT's ubiquitous 2006 track "SexyBack."

"Take It Easy On Me" is the latest single off Thicke's Blurred Lines, coming Stateside July 30.