Robin Thicke Goes Hard On ‘Take It Easy On Me’

Thicke's lastest track delivers the message of 'Blurred Lines' over a more club-ready beat courtesy of Timbaland.

On “Blurred Lines,” the sticky, stylish track that’s shown no signs of loosening its grip on the summer-anthem crown, Robin Thicke sweetens his dirty desires with a jubilant beat and an equally smile-inducing video. While the R&B star has a similar message on his brand-new track, “Take It Easy On Me,” this time, he’s removing the sugar and getting straight to the point.

While “Blurred Lines” is a track to dance in your socks to, the Timbaland-produced “Take It Easy On Me” demands stilettos. And Tim’s synth-heavy fingerprints can be seen all over the club-ready track, which finds Thicke using his smooth R&B voice in a slightly more aggressive manner, all making his intentions that much more clear.

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