Christian Bale's Fresh 'Out Of The Furnace' Trailer: Watch Now!

Bale leaves Gotham for small-town America in December flick, co-starring Casey Affleck and Woody Harrelson.

Christian Bale's Batman days may be over, but the acclaimed actor hasn't stopped portraying avengers of injustice.

In "Out of the Furnace," Bale plays steel-mill worker Russell Baze, who goes in search of his brother Rodney (Casey Affleck), a returning Iraq war veteran, after he disappears under the auspices of local crime boss Curtis DeGoat (Woody Harrelson). And in a new trailer for the upcoming movie, fans get a chance to see the "Dark Knight Rises" star in a decidedly more normal environment, even if the circumstances of his life transform into something as dramatic and dangerous as anything his superhero alter ego faced.

Written and directed by Scott Cooper ("Crazy Heart"), the film follows a story of two brothers trying to survive in an American town that has been ravaged by change. The only available work is at a steel mill, and the only distraction from the grim realities of poverty is booze. But with his girlfriend Lena (Zoe Saldana), Russell tries to maintain some sense of optimism, even as he devotes his evenings to caring for his sick father.

But his hope is pushed too far when his brother Rodney returns from the war and takes up with local thug Curtis in order to make some money. When his sense of pride prompts him to win a fight instead of throwing it, as Curtis instructs him, Rodney disappears, and Russell becomes increasingly determined to find out what happened to him.

As the new clip reminds audiences, its cast is filled with actors who have either won or been nominated for Academy Awards, suggesting that the film's pedigree promises a story with real dramatic weight, not to mention some incredible performances. "Out of the Furnace" opens in theaters December 6, 2013.