Exclusive: Daft Punk And Durex Have Not Hooked Up

Condom company values 'sweet music' and 'good sex,' but has no official ties to the be-helmeted band.

Daft Punk may have their own official action figures and Coke bottles, but what about official condoms? The Daft Punk helmet is practically ubiquitous at point, but when it comes to the “Get Lucky” condoms that popped up on the Web this week, those helmets are strictly off-brand, as Durex denies a team-up.

A Durex rep, however, told MTV News that they have not been working with the band. “We are aware of reports that Durex has launched Daft Punk branded condoms following their hit single ’Get Lucky,’ ” he said. “There is no Durex promotion or partnership with Daft Punk in the U.S. or any other markets and Durex is not posting free packs to the world’s top DJs as suggested. However, we do hope that by using Durex condoms, music-lovers will continue to make sweet music together and have great sex!”

After Diplo posted a picture of an opened Durex-branded condom package to Instagram this week, word started flying around the Web that Daft Punk and Durex had a special-edition condom collabo.

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