Drake's New Album Lets Loose 'A Talented Animal,' Birdman Boasts

'He's somethin' I never been around before,' Baby tells MTV News after hearing Drizzy's Nothing was the Same.

Drake doesn't like to talk his music up much, but his Cash Money boss CEO Birdman isn't as hesitant.

"Drake, I told him this when I first met him, I thought he was gonna be special to the game and he proving that every time," Birdman told MTV News in Los Angeles.

Baby is one of the few who has gotten a preview of Drizzy's upcoming Nothing Was the Same LP, and it left some impression on him. "I think Drake he's one of those n---as that's gonna change the game every time he come, because he's a talented animal. He's somethin' I never been around before," said the music mogul responsible for the careers of Lil Wayne, Juvenile and Nicki Minaj.

So far Drake has released NWTS's first single "Started From the Bottom," as well as "5AM in Toronto" and the melodic "The Motion," though the latter two haven't yet been confirmed as album tracks. Though the album's details are under wraps for now, but with a September 17 release date, it shouldn't be long before the picture becomes clear.

"He bring it to another level," Bird said of Drake's artistic drive. "It be amazing to watch him. You got a Drake, you got a Wayne, you got a Nicki, you got all the little homeys who's turnin' the corner and everybody is super talented. It's just something amazing for me to witness in my lifetime."