'Canyons' Trailer Debuts: Watch It Here!

Lindsay Lohan and James Deen talk privacy in sexy clip for Paul Schrader-directed film.

Do you really like movies? Lindsay Lohan wants to know.

In the new trailer for "The Canyons," the gossip-magnet actress questions whether the substance and meaning of movies is all it's cracked up to be. Directed by Paul Schrader (writer of "Taxi Driver") from a script by Bret Easton Ellis (writer of "American Psycho"), the film examines the underbelly of Hollywood in a way that both threatens to expose it and give it new meaning.

Lohan stars opposite adult film actor James Deen, who canoodles with Lohan in the clip as an off-camera voice reveals, "I make my own movies." While the footage doesn't quite reveal what kind of movies that disembodied voice makes, the wealth of bare flesh and writhing bodies suggests that they're not necessarily the kind that a young actress would be eager to write home about. Especially when she tells Deen, "there are some parts of my life I would like to keep private."

Deen responds, "Nobody has a private life anymore," as Lohan slips in and out of her clothes.

Lindsay Lohan Is A 'Train Wreck' In A 'Magical' Way, 'Canyons' Director Says

The film's production attracted plenty of attention in 2012 as Lohan's legal entanglements — and her public antics — overshadowed what appears to be the story of an imploding starlet. But after being rejected, very publicly, from several major film festivals, it appears the film will eventually find its way into theaters. Now the only question is whether or not "The Canyons" will turn out to be "a movie that you thought really meant something to you." Buy your tickets August 2, 2013 to find out.