Little Mix's Next Album Gives Them 'Goose Bumps'

U.K. girl group opens up to MTV News about working on their DNA follow-up.

Little Mix know exactly what they will be doing during the hot summer months. In between festival gigs back in their native U.K., the "Wings" singers will be hitting the studio to come up with a new batch of tunes to inspire their Little Mixers with.

The foursome dropped their debut album, DNA, in the U.S. back in May, but are already tuned into sessions for the follow-up album. They are hoping to take the lessons that they learned recording and promoting their debut (which dropped in the U.K. last November) and applying that to their in-the-works sophomore release.

"We're so proud of [the] DNA album. We don't want to let it go, but we've had a bit of fun. We've only literally just started writing and stuff," Jade Thirlwall explained to MTV News about the follow-up. "I think we probably might mature slightly for this album, but we want to keep the kind of uplifting message we had on the last one. Why am I saying last one? It's still out. Isn't that weird?"

"We're just gonna make it better; step it up," Leigh-Anne Pinnock added.

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Their debut gave fans a taste of what exactly makes up Little Mix's musical DNA, with feisty anthems and empowering lyrics coursing through the album. And the ladies are hoping to recapture that magic this time around. "Maybe another 'Wings' kind of a thing. Like Jade said, we want it to be a little more mature 'cause we feel like our fans grow with us," Jesy Nelson explained. "We don't know yet. We['re] literally in the first stages of it, but we know when have a hit."

Nelson further explained that the ladies know they've struck musical gold when they get "goose bumps." Right now, the group is riding high off their girl-power anthem, "Wings," noting that it's the perfect jam to play at summer barbecues and at the beach until they release their next album.

"We think it's a very summery song. You can't not have a little jiggle wiggle with it," Thirlwall said. "When we wrote it, we kind of had that summer feel in mind. It's a very uplifting song about feeling good about yourself, about not caring what anyone else thinks. Hopefully when people listen to it, they get their hands out."