'Amazing Spider-Man 2' First Look: Electro Faces Off Against Spidey

The final look for Foxx's Spider-Foe Electro is unveiled on Entertainment Weekly.

With San Diego's Comic-Con International just around the corner, Entertainment Weekly has devoted its latest issue to the pop culture event — which includes the first reveal of Jamie Foxx's Spider-Man bad guy, Electro.

While Spider-Man is sporting a look that veers closer than ever to the character's comic-book origins, the same can't be said for Electro. There's not a single lightning-bolt-shaped mask to be found on director Marc Webb's set. The bad guy was first glimpsed way back in April when "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" visited Times Square for Electro's public debut. But while those photos revealed the biggest change to Electro's look — the bad guy's blue now — it was apparent that a few CGI tweaks were needed to finalize the charismatic actor's full turn to the dark side.

The EW cover illuminates Foxx's heavily made-up face while giving his pronounced veins an almost lightning-bolt effect. The cover also shows off part of Electro's uniform, and it's a bit different than the character's signature green and yellow tights. Here, the villain sports a high-tech and rubbery-looking jump suit, complete with a lightning-bolt symbol on the arm.

Foxx jumped at the chance to play a comic-book bad guy. As Foxx told EW, "To get to be the villain and get to say all the cool stuff? Of course!" He expressed similar sentiments to MTV News last month, saying that he enjoyed the role so much that he improvised a catch phrase on set.

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"So at one point we were doing this green screen thing, and [Marc Webb] says, 'Just ad-lib something.' And I said, "The itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came... Electro... and wiped the spider out."

EW's "Amazing Spider-Man 2" coverage includes a talk with director Marc Webb, who expressed how relieved he felt to have the heavy burden of retelling Spider-Man's origin off his shoulders. "With the first one I felt it was important to retell that origin story. But that was kind of brutal because people were so familiar with it. Now that the origin story is done? We're off to the races. It's incredibly liberating."

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