Justin Timberlake Teases New Track 'Take Back The Night,' Coming ... Soon?

JT gave fans a taste of the next chapter of The 20/20 Experience, which drops on September 30.

Justin Timberlake got all Bob Dylan in a teaser video Wednesday (July 10) for a brand-new track off of his upcoming follow-up to The 20/20 Experience. With a series of scrawled cue cards, Timberlake introduced us to "Take Back the Night," but left it hazy as to when exactly that jam will come to the masses.

In the black-and-white (Timberlake's signature colors) teaser, Timberlake exits a convertible and holds up a series of cue cards reading: "'Suit & Tie,' January 14," "'Mirrors,' February 11," "The 20/20 Experience, March 19," "Take Back The Night," and then, a mysteriously blurred cue card that presumably bears the release date of the as-yet to be released single.

Timberlake then swaggers into a club as the scene changes from black and white to color, and we hear the hook of the jam in question: "Take back the night / C'mon use me up until there's nothing left / Take back the night / Dizzy, spinnin', sweatin', you can't catch your breath."

The followup to The 20/20 Experience is slated to drop on September 30 and this short teaser offers up some clues as to what we can expect, in addition to the music.

For one, the vid is titled The 20/20 Experience Continues..., which could very well be the album title. Secondly, the color change at the end could hint at an aesthetic change for volume one, as the first iteration of the album saw Timberlake for the most part adopting a black and white/grayscale look -- from music videos to the majority of his Instagram. The Instagram photo announcing the new album was also in color.

This teaser comes close on the heels of Timberlake's racy "Tunnel Vision" video, which hit YouTube last week.